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Snoring Appliances

Snoring occurs as the airflow when sleeping causes the relaxed tissues in the back of your throat to vibrate. Although nearly everyone occasionally snores, it's a chronic problem in some people.

According to statistics, about 90 million individuals in the United States snore while they sleep. While nearly half of these people are just snoring, there's a chance others suffer from a form of sleep-disordered breathing known as sleep apnea.

The following factors can influence airflow through the nose and mouth and contribute to acute or chronic episodes of snoring:

  • Obstructed nasal passages
  • Relaxed and poorly toned throat and tongue muscles
  • Bulky throat tissue, long soft palate, or large uvula
  • Alcohol and muscle relaxants
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sleeping on back

A custom-fabricated oral appliance for snoring

As the first step in care, it's essential to determine if your chronic snoring issue is indicative of a more serious medical condition. Although loud & chronic snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea, many people who snore do not have sleep apnea.

If it's determined that your problem is snoring alone, then you are what is known as a “primary snorer.” To help you and others in your household enjoy a quieter and more comfortable sleep, we often recommend a custom-fabricated oral appliance.

As worn at bedtime and throughout sleep, this appliance fits somewhat like a sports mouthguard or orthodontic retainer. It offers a removable and non-invasive treatment for snoring that slightly repositions your jaw to allow improved airflow and promote a quieter, more restful sleep.

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